Colourful history of Kruunupuisto takes you through centuries and decades of Finland and Punkaharju. Throughout time, history and stories have intertwined with the ridge landscape. For centuries, the ridge has passed through many tourists who have had the desire to heal, the search for experience or the love of the area. Some of these passengers have left their stories in the Kruunupuisto to be told to later generations.

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Our location in a national landscape, in the middle of a unique lake and ridge nature, creates a framework for our sustainable and environmentally friendly work. We take ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability holistically into account in our operations. For this work we have been awarded with  the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

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Everyone benefits from an accessible environment. Hotel Kruunupuisto welcomes everyone regardless of the background, physical disability, nationality, gender, age, sexual orientation or religion. In Kruunupuisto accessibility means safety, quality and equal participation. Accessibility and diversity are taken into account in all Kruunupuisto facilities and surroundings when possible. We have rooms for people with physical disabilities or functional impairments, and for those who need assistance in daily life.

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FI-58450 Punkaharju

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