Seal Sleeping

This guided relaxing is a tribute to the history of Kruunupuisto. Originally called “hallimakuu” i.e. sleeping and resting on the outdoor terrace, it was a form of treatment for tuberculosis patients at the Kruunupuisto Sanatorium in the past. The term “seal sleeping” comes from the sleeping bags, which make you look like a rare Saimaa Ringed Seal. This relaxing exercise will take you into the midst of nature to breath and feel the fresh ridge air. By the picturesque forest and lake views, we hear the wind humming, allowing all our thoughts to just come and go.

finnish Sauna experience

Kruunupuisto traditional Finnish sauna experience includes an introduction and guide to this pure Finnish physical and mental experience. You will hear about the history and health benefits of this very relaxing Finnish tradition while experiencing it in our picturesque and beautifully restored 1920s wooden-built lakeside sauna right by the lake. You also get to enjoy refreshing sauna drink and snacks.

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In Kruunupuisto the beautiful lake views can be enjoyed in many different ways, independently or with a guide and by canoe, kayak or rowing boat. A guided canoe or kayak trip is an excellent way to explore Punkaharju by water and clean lake waters provide a wonderful setting for nature lovers. You will get an introduction to kayaking and can safely enjoy the scenery of Lake Saimaa.


Kruunupuisto is located in the middle of the beautiful Punkaharju Nature Reserve Area. Enjoy the unique ridge nature and explore Kruunupuisto surroundings by renting a bike or a fat bike. For more relaxing drive, try an electric assisted fat bikes. The Punkaharju forests offer beautiful cycling routes for everyone around the year. For more special experience, take a guided tour to find some unexplored forest trails while hearing interesting facts and stories from a local guide. Bike rental includes a helmet, map and guidance.

Nordic Walking

This special sport activity was developed in Finland and is one of the most popular sports in the country. Nowadays it has spread all over the world with nearly ten million enthusiasts. Nordic walking is a form of physical activity where regular natural walking is enhanced by the active use of a pair of specially designed Nordic walking poles. It is safe, natural, dynamic, efficient and trains the body in a holistic, symmetrical and balanced way. Nordic walking is suitable for all ages and fitness levels, and no previous experience is required. The Punkaharju Nordic Walking Park combines history, culture and exercise in unique ridge setting amidst forest and lake scenery.