Kruunupuisto is situated in Punkaharju in the Saimaa lake district. Saimaa is a labyrinth of blue lakes and green islands that forms the largest lakeland in Europe. The nearest urban centre is Savonlinna and the area belongs to the region of Etelä-Savo (South Savo).

Kruunupuisto is set in the Punkaharju nature reserve. The recreational routes of the area are being further developed by Metsähallitus and local businesses to serve tourists and hikers even better. You can find out about the natural features of the ridge area at www.outdoors.fi.

Besides the ridge area, another interesting nature attraction is the arboretum located next to the Finnish Forest Museum Lusto about 3 km away from Kruunupuisto. The arboretum can be explored on foot, by bike or by car, and in winter there is also a cross-country ski trail.

Punkaharju is an ideal destination for those interested in boating and fishing. Kruunupuisto has a rowing-boat for hire, and more comprehensive fishing and boating services are available through our partners.