Relax in the gentle steams by the shores of Lake Saimaa. In Kruunupuisto you can enjoy this favorite hobby of Finns in several different saunas. For your private sauna evenings you can also order sauna meals and snacks from our restaurant according to your wishes.

Read below for instructions and tips for having a sauna in the Finnish way!

The sauna is an integral part of the Finnish lifestyle and culture. In fact, “sauna” is the only Finnish word that has been internationally accepted in other languages. Finnish sauna is for cleansing and relaxing. Make sure you drink plenty (water) because you’re probably sweating a lot! Taking a sauna is also about socialising with others and sauna evenings are common among friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Studies have shown many positive health effects of sauna due to the relaxing heat and steam, but also from a social perspective. In general, families go to sauna together and in groups women and men go to sauna separately. Finns prefer to take saunas completely naked, even among strangers, and nudity is perveiced as natural. If you prefer to wear a swimsuit or towel, you have every right to do so, though.

Try our guided Finnish Sauna experience! In Kruunupuisto traditional Finnish sauna experience includes an introduction and guide to this pure Finnish physical and mental experience. You will hear about the history and health benefits of this very relaxing Finnish tradition while experiencing it in our picturesque and beautifully restored 1920s wooden-built lakeside sauna right by the lake.